Space Arena
Space Arena is a two-dimensional shooting game featuring scrolling graphics, set on a fictional galactic sector called Arena which is surrounded by a circular ring of energy (the Great Barrier) and, further beyond, by an infinite empty area (the Outer Space).
Each player controls a starship and can choose either to fight the other players or to cooperate with them to defeat waves of enemies invading the Arena and becoming more and more numerous as the game level increases. In the latter case space stations come into play randomly to help the allied ships.
The goal is to survive as long as possible, avoiding not only the shots fired by enemy units but also gravitational traps (the black holes) and swarms of asteroids. Players are required to make use of propulsors and weapons carefully, as ship power is a limited resource and the deflector shields cannot protect their vessels indefinitely !
System requirements:   Windows 8
Release date:   January 13, 2014
Runtime version:   7.02
Type:   2D space shoot'em up
Players:   up to 4
Distribution:   freeware

The program is loosely inspired to the videogame Star Trek described by A.K.Dewdney in the Computer Recreations columns appeared on the Scientific American magazine (November 1986).


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