Two knights fighting in a maze that changes move by move.
Will a player conquer the fortress of the opponent before his knight falls into a deadly trap?
This is Alcaxar: a game where only strategy and tactics can lead you to victory.
You can play it in less than a minute while you're waiting for the bus, or you can challenge a strong opponent in a longer game and, in this case, you will need to analyze every move thoroughly as you would do if you were playing chess...

Join the Alcaxar project
We intend to develop an adaptation of Alcaxar for the Board Game Arena website in order to let players from all the world try Alcaxar on that platform, with the goal of allowing so many people as possible to learn the secrets of this intriguing game. Currently we are applying to the BGA's administrators for the authorization to start the development using the BGA Studio environment.

Next step will be the creation of Alcaxar versions for Apple and Linux systems, and apps for mobile devices. If you are a programmer and you are familiar with this matter, join the project: we need your help! You'll get any kind of support we can offer you.